employers and other professional agencies

Sometimes working with individuals who have Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism you may feel perplexed by the obvious abilities they have but do not know how to support them in areas of development.

The practical strategies that I have shared with other professionals to aid in their understanding and approach will be available to you as well.

  • Awareness and strategies of how this diagnosis may impact on work
  • Understanding and managing behaviour
  • Strategies that teach social skills, social understanding and support effective communication
  • Strategies to address organisational skills
  • Awareness and strategies for sensory difficulties
  • Celebrating Diversity – an experiential awareness raising ½ day or day that looks at how to support a variety of pupils/people who have different needs


Home Page works extensively to develop bespoke services  in consultation with other professionals that supports their work with Asperger and High Functioning Autism diagnoses.

With a wide ranging experience we are able to provide a level of collaborative support to other key services to fit your precise needs.

We offer an initial consultation without cost to establish your requirements – please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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