Thank you for taking an interest in the consultancy.

I have had the pleasure of working with children and adults who have a diagnosis of Asperger and High Functioning Autism.

At times it can be frustrating when you finally reach out to ask for help and support and the person you are contacting has little appreciation of how difficult this first step may be.

My work acknowledges the strengths people have with this diagnosis and supports them to learn the very skills that they may not have had an opportunity to develop.

Jim Sinclair (a man diagnosed with Asperger syndrome) once said:

“Being bright only means I’m good at learning, it doesn’t mean I know things without having to learn them first.”

  • Awareness and strategies of how this diagnosis may impact on their education and family life
  • Understanding and managing behaviour and emotions and to interrupt a cycle of crisis
  • Strategies that teach social skills, relationship building, social understanding and support effective communication
  • Strategies to address organisational skills
  • Awareness and strategies for sensory difficulties
  • Sibling and family support for those with an ASC family member


With a wide ranging experience we are able to provide a level of personal and family support to fit your precise needs.

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